• Know How


Each piece goes through a quality check however having in mind that it is all handmade, small imperfections like glaze drips, scratches and marks on the bottom of the dish are not treated as a defect.

All our ceramics are made with food grade materials, which means it is safe to eat or drink from them. All dishes are glaze fired in 1240 C degree.

All pieces are dishwasher friendly however in the long term it might cause tarnishing of the glaze so if you want to prolong their life, we recommend you give them a hand wash :)

All of the non-glazed elements of the dish are more prone to any damages comparing to glazed ones.

Pouring boiling water directly into a handmade cup, bowl or mug may result in crack of the glaze / item.

For some our dishes we deliberately use glazes with a special crack effect which can react to temperature differences (in the room) resulting in the funny pinging sound. It your pottery “sings” it is nothing to worry about, it simply means that a tiny, usually invisible crack occurs in the glaze (not the actual dish). This will not affect the lifespan of the product, however to minimise the pinging sound we recommend you keep it in a place where the temperature is stable (for example cupboard rather than a window shelf or above the radiator).

All of the Platters (excluding Mini waves), Oysters and Lunch Bowls as well as majority of Mugs and Mini Coffee Barrels are glazed only by Kati! Just so you know :)