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GIGANT MUAS platter from the VULVA collection

 hand-made of high-quality light chamotte-free clay


Dimensions (in cm approx.):

  • Length: 32 cm

  • Width: 30 cm


Who remembers last year's cooperation with the Your KAYA? A lot of people told us about their pussy then, participating in special give away. It was great!


Now is the time for the long-awaited premiere in our store. MUAS VULVA, a special dish collection, is now available for purchase.


We gave each plate a unique, sensual shape during hand crafting, and then used glazes in color combinations, which were not yet available for us. In addition, each plate is signed on the bottom with a unique VULVA stamp.


Small, large, narrower and wider, more or less curved - each one is absolutely unique and all beautiful!


There are no two the same dishes, so when you buy the dish, you will receive a unique item that no one else in the world will have but you! Highlight your uniqueness and choose your VULVA.


You can use the plate as a decorative stand (for cosmetics, candles, palo santo, jewelry or keys) or simply enjoy the view of VULVA completely naked.


Please keep in mind that each display reflects the colors slightly differently, therefore the actual color of the product may differ from the photo. However, if someone notices the difference, we hear that the dishes are much nicer in reality  than in the pictures. 


For the production of our dishes, we only use food and drink safe materials and thanks to the double firing (finally at 1250°C) our cookware is extremely durable. That is why our products can be washed in a dishwasher and used in a microwave or oven. 


More information about our products and their use can be found in the "KNOW HOW" tab. 

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