Ceramic workshop at MUAS - MARCH 11-18 2023

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Hell yes, we are back with MUAS workshops!

We dedicate ceramic workshops to both people who are just starting their adventure with ceramics or just want to spend their free time in a friendly atmosphere, and those who want to improve their ceramic workshop.

Intimate atmosphere - individual approach

Classes are conducted only for adults in small groups of 6 by at least two teachers. This arrangement allows us to treat each participant individually. Therefore, it does not matter if you will work with clay for the first time or have some experience in this field - we will answer your needs.

Workshops are held in 2 days (Saturdays), 3,5 hours each, with an interval of one week between classes. We run the workshops in our studio in Mokotów district in Warsaw, the same spot where we create our dishes for you. By participating in the workshop, you can see what our studio looks like from the inside.

First, the shape...

At the first meeting, we focus on the technical aspects of creating ceramics, and focus on two basic techniques, i.e. molding from a flat piece of clay and creating deeper vessels from the so-called “rollers”. During this meeting, you will also learn what the entire process of creating ceramics looks like, from the moment the clay is unpacked to the final effect from the kiln.

... and then color!

The second part is the glazing process. We will show you various techniques and together we will choose the right one for your project. We have an large variation of glazes. Participants are offered both common glazes and the glazes we have created (which you will not get in any store), which distinguishes us from other workshops.

Be creative and have fun

We focus on creativity and unique design, so in our workshops we will not help you to do your dream work by another ceramist. You can be sure that we will help you create unique, 100% YOURS ceramics. We will stimulate your imagination and encourage you to think creatively. We want the dishes made to serve you for a long time - we focus on quality, not quantity. Regardless of your skills and predispositions, we will help you create minimum 4-5 pieces of beautiful dishes, depending on the complexity of the project and size.

What will you get from the classes

We provide all the necessary tools and materials to create the dishes, which we will fire at 1250 degrees Celsius - that way your dishes will be 100% usable, safe in contact with food, and also suitable for washing in a dishwasher or using in a microwave.

In addition to a large dose of practical knowledge and hand-made dishes, you will also receive a cool gift from us - one MUAS item and a special discount for shopping in our store. Also you will get a polaroid photo as a souvenir :) So the gift is DOPE!

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